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We are proud that Ameurasiart was the company chosen to provide the swords used by Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe in the new Warner Bros. Movie,

 "The Last Samurai"* !!

* Purchase Order on file.


See the new "Tsunami" cutting sword by Hanwei and Paul Chen!!

We are proud to be chosen as one of the first in the Country to showcase this new sword !!


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Ameurasiart  exists to make available to its clients exquisite and unique products from around the world.  Over the past 7 years, we have furnished our clients with some of the highest quality swords and collectables available.  We are especially proud to have earned the trust of Traditional Japanese and Chinese martial art practitioners around the world.

"There are swordsmen, and there are men with swords" *

...both depend on us for the highest quality and the best service.

We have tried to make our web-site as easy to navigate as possible.  As a result, every page will have our distinctive hyperlinks available on the left site.  The top address, in green, will always tell you where you are.

Please take a few moments to explore our site...If a specific search brought you to us, just follow the links!  If you happened upon us by chance, take some time to enjoy...

All swords sold on this site are new, first quality swords and not used or returned.

Soon, there will be two additions to this site that I am very excited about!  The first will be a Gallery upgrade showing not only hand painted art pieces that are for sale, but other examples from my collection that have been painted by International Master Alex Castro.  The second addition to the site will be a Museum Collection showcasing Antique Japanese Arms and Armour, dolls, and other authentic collectibles, many of which will be offered for sale!  Be sure to check back soon!

Check out our new Chinese Roof Tile Figures Page !

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*  Purchase Order on file.

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