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Nine years ago, we were forced to stop carrying these exquisite works of art because our artist, Taiwan's leading Temple-Art restorer Mr. K. Y. Lin, began only taking commissions for private collectors....needless to say, the purchasers of those first offerings are quite pleased as the value of their collections have increased 10 fold !!

We are pleased to once again make these unique pieces of hand-crafted art available to our clients and friends !!

  I would like to introduce you to the work of our Artist    Mr. J. T. Ho.  Mr. Ho is a Master of the Art of Koji Pottery...the traditional method of Roof-tile Art.  Please take a moment to look at the pictures below...unfortunately, they do not do justice to the broad range of colors  and  textures in Mr. Ho's  stunning creations !!

Many of the Figures represent the signs of the Chinese Zodiac as well as Mythological Figures and symbols for Longevity, Good Health and Wealth.

Figures such as these have historically been found surrounding the terra cotta roofs on Chinese Temples to offer protection to those who enter.

These are limited in the number to be produced !  Each of these are available for $350 for the animals and $255 for the single warriors.  As they are each hand-made, no two will be exactly the same and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.



RT-01      Crane RT-02     Chi-Lin RT-03     Horse
RT-04     Dragon RT-05     Fish RT-06     Phoenix
RT-07     Monkey RT-08     Dog RT-09     Dragon 2
RT-10     Dragon Fish RT-21     Monkey King RT-22     Warrior