Joint Articulation for Alfrex Figures
At the beginning of planning for this figure, we looked at existing company's figures, and we thought to change the face, arms, and legs. But after making various figures, the weight, movement, and many other problems occurred, so this is when we decided that it would be best to make our original figure. After making many trial figures and putting one upon another, we made many improvements, and this is what we have produced today. For this Jidaigeki Series, a figure must be able to move in many ways, such as holding a katana (Japanese sword) and letting the arms and legs move as a real person would. Up until now, other figures were not able to move to the fullest possibility. One point is that our figure is made to fit into and move freely even while wearing a Japanese kimono and Japanese sandals. Also, from the Japanese standpoint, if this figure was not able to sit on it's knees, it surely could not be a Jidaigeki (Japanese samurai drama) figure.
(Full Body Balance) With the help of each joint, the figure is able to fully balance self-supported.
(Elbow Joint) Both the lower arm and upper arm can touch together. This joint enables the arms to move freely. Up until now, this pose was impossible, as other figures did not have this joint.
(Balance) Look at this great balance! It can even make this pose without falling over.  (Abdomen) It has a fully-shaped stomach. The figure looks very dignified. It also has a belly button and nipples.
(Sitting on Knees) In Japan this is really polite. The figure is able to do this properly. 
(Shoulder Joint) It allows both arms to be brought across the body.
It can sit cross-legged. It looks great doing such things as drinking sake or eating a rice ball.
Information and examples on what trouble may occur while moving a figure.

Especially, there are examples where the legs have been broken. It has been thought that this may be caused by people using too much strength while moving the figure. While Alfrex is using a nylon resin base for our figures, other figures are made of ABS resin and such. These do not have the strength to make movements and do not have the joints that Alfrex's figures have. Alfrex's figures are able to move in many ways and are able to stand in various positions which any other figure cannot do. With such articulation in our figure, one must understand the design and proper movements that it can make. Without knowing this, the figure may be bent and moved in directions that are not possible, and this leads to damaging the figure. We ask that you properly learn how to use the figure and have fun with it!

Photos and text property of Alfrex Co., Ltd.,  Japan