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We are pleased to offer three traditional style Chinese Martial Arts Swords.

To the left is the Chinese broadsword, or Dao, (11-GT).  This is undoubtedly the finest weapon-grade sword of its type commercially available  and is 31' in length, with a blade of 25".   The distal-tapering blade and traditional hand tied grip make for superb handling.  A wooden, brass-mounted scabbard is included.

To the right is the Dadao, or fighting sword, (12-GT).  Allowing single or two-handed use, its weight-forward blade made it the ideal close-quarters weapon of days gone by.  This blade is 38" in length with a 24" blade.  A simple canvas case is provided for blade protection, (only partially shown).

These swords are made of high-carbon spring steel.  Measurements are approximate.

Our T'ai Chi Sword is built around a hand-forged Damascus steel blade, profiled to produce a fast, well-balanced sword for the martial artist, and an authentic piece for the collector of oriental weaponry.

The matching rosewood grip and scabbard with bronze fittings, decorated in a traditional Chinese motif, are meticulously finished in this heirloom quality sword.

The blade on this sword is approximately 28", with an overall length of around 37".

All swords sold on this site are new, first quality swords and not used or returned.

Dao  (11-GT)  $ 175.00 US      Da-dao  (12-GT)  $ 125.00 US

 T'ai Chi Sword  (13-GT)    $ 358.00 US


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Practical Tai-Chi Swords

The Practical Tai-Chi series has been developed to be an affordable solution for everyday practice.  Each model features solid brass hand guard and fully tempered high-carbon steel blade.

The 2008 has a black scabbard and grip with a "Flattened Diamond" cross section which is moderately stiff.  Blade length is 30"...overall length is 36", and the weight is 1.4lbs.

The 2009 has a lacquered natural wood finish and is perhaps the quickest of the 3 styles!  Weight is a mere 1.2 lbs. with a rapid taper 28.5" fullered blade.  Total length is 35.5".  The balance point is about 4" from the grip end of the guard.  This is the most flexible of the 3 styles!

The 2010 is finished with a polished walnut and features a stiff blade with a pierced, triple fullered ricasso section and a single fullered slow taper to the point.  Blade length is 27.34" with a total length of 35".  Weight is 1.3 lbs.


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