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Welcome to our Galleries.

Here, you will find a collection of 54mm metal miniatures hand painted for us in Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The detail and vivid colors on this collection is incredible---especially when you consider the size of the figures!  A single figure is only about 2.25" tall...a mounted figure is around 4" !!

You may click on any picture to view additional photos.

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d005small.JPG (5167 bytes) D005

Wounded Macedonian Infantryman

$139 US


Mar02^08sssmall.jpg (4490 bytes) C013

Mideval Knight Charging  (Mounted)

$375 US


d027small.JPG (4633 bytes)


Roman Slave Fighting Leopard

$210 US


D014asssmall.JPG (5197 bytes) D014

Roman Aquilfier with Signal

$139 US


J418dssasmall.JPG (4464 bytes) J418

Okinawan Warrior with Tattoos

$159 US


D022esssmall.JPG (4227 bytes) D022

Roman Centurion with Sword

$139 US


ME11asmall.JPG (4983 bytes) ME11a

Jean, Marshall of Clermount (Mounted)

$375 US


600ddsssmall.JPG (4382 bytes) 600d

Napoleon  with Map and Drum

$129 US


B019sssmall.JPG (4929 bytes) B019

Civil War Union Bugler (Mounted)

$175 US


C002asssmall.JPG (5284 bytes) C002

Mounted Knight in Battle (includes  helmet with dragon)

$375 US


B015sssmall.JPG (4081 bytes) B015

Civil War Confederate Infantry Drummer

$95 US


J417csssmall.JPG (4533 bytes) J417

Oriental Warrior with Tattoos

$159 US


J412sssmall.jpg (5268 bytes) J412

Mounted Chinese General

$425 US


b014sssmall.JPG (4515 bytes) B014

Civil War Union Infantry Drummer

$95 US


C032sssmall.JPG (4165 bytes) C032

Knight in Combat, Attacking

$139 US


J307sssmall.JPG (4609 bytes) J307

Samurai Warrior with  Banner

$139 US


C031sssmall.jpg (3809 bytes) C031

Knight in Combat, Defending

$139 US



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